Did Adventure For Hire create a hunger for adventure? If you’re thinking about starting your own roleplaying group and keeping the story going here are some links to get you started. (13th Age for now — more systems as we add A4H support!)

The Rules

Pelgrane Press – 13th Age

13th Age Core Rulebook

All you need to get started is the 13th Age Core Rulebook, but we highly recommend the articles in the 13th Age GM Screen’s Resourcebook for Dungeon Masters. Reading that was what let us realize Adventure For Hire could be a thing!

More great DM advice in many of the free adventures on Vault of the 13th Age. “Crown of the Lich King” is a great place to start.

Note that Pelgrane Press offers great support for your local game store. If you buy 13th Age from them and email Pelgrane proof they’ll add the PDF to your Pelgrane “library” free. (If you buy from somewhere like Amazon, they’ll give you a coupon for the PDF at half-price.)

The excellent 13thAgeSRD.com has web versions of the open-gaming portions of 13th Age available for those without access to the core book.


Reaper Mini “Bones”

Seelah, Iconic Paladin miniature by Reaper Mini
Great quality miniatures in a new low-cost material. The Bones photos on their site don’t do these justice, they are great minis at half the cost of the metals.


Lestin Dumal, The Caustic Duke (miniature)
If you need a completely-custom figure created, this is the place. A great web-based interface to create/outfit what you need, and then several options to get them 3D-printed. We haven’t tried these ourselves, but have seen good reviews on their new “Beta Gray Plastic” runs. Above is Joe’s “Lestin Dumal, The Caustic Duke” character that needs printing soon…

Ask a DM

Got questions about hiring a DM? Ask here and we'll reply as soon as our current adventure is over!

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