You’ve known those who sought adventure,

returning with tales of daring and intrigue,

of monsters, quests, and fellowship.

You heard the call, but could not follow.

Now a new age dawns…

adventure will come to you.

Adventure for Hire

Roleplaying Adventure Experience

Have our Improv Dungeon Master guide your 4-6 players through a never-the-same-twice fantasy storytelling adventure!

Perfect for office team-building, bachelor/bachelorette parties you’ll actually remember, or an easy and fun way to finally find out what this “D&D” is all about!

We currently serve the Greater Vancouver, BC, Canada area, on the unceded territory of the Musqueam, Squamish, Qayqayt, and Tsleil-Waututh nations.

An Adventure Built For You

We don’t run pre-made adventures memorized from a book. Our DMs create your stories on-the-fly, customizing challenges and encounters to fit the adventure themes, character back-stories, and very often the results of important rolls of the dice!

Is the dragon a friend, or the final enemy? The story is yours to discover!

Pre-Made Sheets: Just Add Character!

Our rules gnomes have filled out all the fiddly bits for dozens of ready-made characters. Choose a race and class, then help the DM craft the story of your unique hero! The high-quality character sheet becomes a memento of your adventure!

Polyhedral Dice & Velvet Bag

You can’t go adventuring without the right tools. Each player chooses and keeps their own set of polyhedral dice from a wide selection of colors and transparencies, plus a handy black velvet carrying bag.

Adventure is for everyone!

Adventure for Hire game sessions are inclusive and safe spaces to explore creativity through heroic tales of fantasy where the dice get a say.

Leave your troubles behind for a while, and focus on the the Orc Lord’s Brazen Blood-magi who threaten to cast a dark ritual to destroy the town of Autumn’s library!

Hire Us To Bring Adventure To You!

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Joe Fulgham

Creator, Dungeon Master, Web Master

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We’ll bring the adventure. No experience necessary.