You’ve known those who sought adventure,

returning with tales of daring and intrigue,

of monsters, quests, and fellowship.

You heard the call, but could not follow.


Now a new age dawns…

adventure will come to you.

Adventure for Hire

Roleplaying Adventure Experience

Have our Improv Dungeon Master guide your 4-6 players through a never-the-same-twice fantasy storytelling adventure!

Perfect for office team-building, bachelor/bachelorette parties you’ll actually remember, or an easy and fun way to finally find out what this “D&D” is all about!

We currently serve the Greater Vancouver, BC, Canada area,
on the unceded territory of the Musqueam, Squamish, Qayqayt, and Tsleil-Waututh nations.

An Adventure Built For You
An Adventure Built For You

We don’t run pre-made adventures memorized from a book. Our DMs create your stories on-the-fly, customizing challenges and encounters to fit the adventure themes, character back-stories, and very often the results of important rolls of the dice!

Is the dragon a friend, or the final enemy? The story is yours to discover!

Pre-Made Sheets: Just Add Character!
Pre-Made Sheets: Just Add Character!

Our rules gnomes have filled out all the fiddly bits for dozens of ready-made characters. Choose a race and class, then help the DM craft the story of your unique hero! The high-quality character sheet becomes a memento of your adventure!

Polyhedral Dice & Velvet Bag
Polyhedral Dice & Velvet Bag

You can’t go adventuring without the right tools. Each player chooses and keeps their own set of polyhedral dice from a wide selection of colors and transparencies, plus a handy black velvet carrying bag.

Adventure is for everyone!

Adventure for Hire game sessions are inclusive and safe spaces to explore creativity through heroic tales of fantasy where the dice get a say.

Leave your troubles behind for a while, and focus on the the Orc Lord’s Brazen Blood-magi who threaten to cast a dark ritual to destroy the town of Autumn’s library!

Hire Us To Bring Adventure To You!

13th Age Core Rulebook (cover)

Dungeon Master Joe Fulgham is available to hire at the discounted rate of $140 per 4-hour session, for up to six players, including a full set of polyhedral dice for each player!

We’ll bring the adventure. No experience necessary.

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“It’s like choose-your-own-adventure novels on steroids.

I’ve always been interested in RPGs, but was intimidated by the barrier of entry. Joe made it possible to experience the fun of role playing for the first time in a fun and carefree way. When I got lost in the process, he was there to pick me back up and help me have the best time in the game.”

— Nienke van Houten

Frequently Asked Questions

What is this?

You can hire us to run a group of six people through an improvised “D&D-like” role-playing adventure, with zero experience required. It’s the perfect introduction to role-playing games for those who’ve always wanted to try them but is a bit intimidated by all the rules and “creativity requirement”. Our professional improviser DMs will help you both learn the game and unlock your own creativity!

Our current offering uses the 13th Age Roleplaying System, which keeps the core gameplay and feel of Dungeons & Dragons but simplifies and focuses on entertaining storytelling over tactical miniature combat. Its streamlined character creation and customization make it perfect for “one-shot” adventures.

But you don’t need to worry about all that. We’ll explain the rules you need to get you through the adventure, with fully detailed character sheets explaining each ability and spell, and an experienced DM to guide you the entire way.

Doesn’t character creation take a long time?

We’ve streamlined character creation, with dozens of “pre-generated” character sheets with all the rules-choices made and numbers pre-calculated. Players simply choose a sheet then flesh out the characters background and unique characteristics! In many RPGs, character creation can take an entire five hour session. We can get six players from “here’s how dice work” to setting out on an adventure within one hour.

Aren’t there a lot of rules to learn?

During character creation each player learns how to use their character. Everything needed is pre-calculated and explained on the provided character sheet. The Dungeon Master handles the rest, explaining options should anything more complicated arise.

What do I need to provide?

At the bare minimum, a cleared table and enough chairs for the DM your six players to sit around it. It’s best if the table is well lit with the rest of the room dim, but it’s not necessary. With the DM at the head of the table each player should have enough space to place their character sheet and roll their dice.

To properly get into the RPG mood we suggest snacks and carbonated beverages (each DM will have their beverage preference on their profile page — Joe’s is Diet Dr Pepper, or Coke Zero if that’s not available). While having a few adult beverages is fine, please stay relatively sober while adventuring. Overly-inebriated characters may receive in-game penalties!

Salty chips and Cheetos are traditional, but bring snacks you and your fellow adventurers would enjoy. Having a good time is the point of an adventure!

Everything else takes place on your character sheet and in your imagination (with some miniatures used in combat for positioning).

What are polyhedral dice?

Also known as “D&D Dice” or “RPG Dice”, these are used to generate random numbers during gameplay. Our sets come with a traditional six-sided die (d6), plus a d4, d8, two d10s (for generating 00-99), a d12, and — the centrepiece of fantasy roleplaying — a d20.

Your DM will bring a wide selection of colors to choose from. Your session includes one set to keep for each player. Extra sets are available at an additional cost.

Each set of dice (including the extras!) comes with its own velvet carrying case, sized to comfortably hold three full sets, should you like to keep them together.

What is a Pre-Gen Character and why is it a good thing?

In most fantasy RPGs creating your character usually takes up the entire first session. In a typical campaign you’re free to choose any race and class combination, set the characteristics the way you’d like, choose the talents, spells, and abilities you’d prefer, and fine-tune your character to the tiniest detail, so choosing everything takes a long time.

It is a fun part of RPGs but, in a serious case of getting-it-backward, it’s a really bad way to learn how to play. To make those decisions you need to know the game rules, what the choices you’re making mean in an adventure, what characteristics are important for the style of character you want to play, and so-on. Character creation alone in RPGs is scary.

Our Adventure For Hire Package features 24 (so far) fully-statted “character-less” character sheets to choose from. Each player picks one and then the DM guides them through turning them into a truly unique adventuring hero. While we expect many to choose the “Wood Elf Ranger” sheet, no two characters will be the same when they’re finished.

Thanks to these handy sheets that’s just the first hour, not the first session!

What locations are your DMs available?

We currently serve the Greater Vancouver area, on the unceded territory of the Musqueam, Squamish, Qayqayt, and Tsleil-Waututh nations. Certain locations may require a travel premium.

Travel to further areas may be available, please use the contact form and let us know where you’d like us to run a game. Reservations that we cannot accommodate the location needs for will receive a full refund.

We already have interest in other cities. News to come!

Can I offer these services too?

That is the plan for the future, yes! Please subscribe to our “DM Mailing List” and we’ll let you know as soon as there’s news!


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